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By: Don Senatorlucky
Do you know that the Oldest Surviving Kingdom in the World is Great Benin Kingdom and is 2054 years Old? This piece reveals 30 amazing facts you never knew about the Great Benin Kingdom
The Great Benin Kingdom is probably Nigeria’s greatest empire. The Ogiso dynasty lasted for about 854 years plus an interregnum of 285 years between the reign of Ogiso Orire and Ogiso Odia, there was an interregnum of 70 years between Ogiso Owodo and Oba Oranmiyan plus 845 years of Oba ruler-ship till date.

Below are 30 amazing facts about the Great Benin Kingdom:
1.The First Storey Building in Nigeria was built at Ughoton by the Dutch in the year 1718, and it was called “The Factory”. The said building was destroyed by the British during the war against the Benins in 1897. The site of the building is still intact.
2. The Oldest Church in West-Africa was established in Great Benin Empire by the Earliest Portuguese missionaries in the 16th Century which is today known as the Holy Aruosa (Benin National Church). Pope Pius XII visited Benin and handed the church to the Oba of Benin, Oba Oreoghene in 1692AD.
3. The first Known Embassy Established in Nigeria was in Benin during the reign of Oba Esigie in the 16th century.
4. The Oldest known letter written in Nigeria was by Duarte Pires instructed by Oba Esigie which was addressed to King John II, on the 20th October, 1516AD. The second oldest letter was written by Anthonio Domingo (Great-grand Son of Oba Olua) to the Pope to seek for missionary assistance in order to spread Christianity in Benin Empire in 1652AD.
5. Oba Orhogbua founded Lagos and planted a dukedom, the Obaship of Lagos (Eko).
6. Oldest ever recorded market in Africa is Ogiso (Agbado) Market dated 60BCE.
7. The first ever recorded bank (Owigho) in present day West-Africa was built in Benin kingdom by Oba Eresoyen, construction started in the year 1740AD and was completed in the year 1743AD.
8. Queen Idia (Oba Esigie mother) is the first Oba’s mother to be alive to see her son becoming an Oba. That’s because traditionally previous Crown prince mothers were killed before their Sons ascend the throne.
9. Ga tribe of present day Ghana migrated from Benin during Oba Udagbedo's reign (1299-1334)
10. Oduduwa was the exiled crowned prince from Benin known as Ekaladerhan, which is being purported as the progenitor of the Yoruba race.
11. The monarch of Warri kingdom is an off shoot of the royal house of Benin kingdom founded by prince Iginuwa the Son of Oba Olua in the 15th century.
12. The Osemawe of Ondo was corrupted from Osemwughe, the Benin warrior who deserted Udo town, when there was war between Benin City and Udo town.
13. The word Ondo was corrupted from the town “Emwan N’Udo” (people of Udo town)
14. The world most famous mask Queen Idia mask was the face of FESTAC 77’ held in Lagos.
15. The word Benin was corrupted from Ubini by the Portuguese explorer meaning “a place of heavenly pageantry and prosperity”

16. Oba Esigie is the first King in Africa to be baptized in the year 1504AD in Benin.
17. The King of Benin can in a single day make 20,000 men ready for war, and, if need be, 180, 000, and because of this he has great influence among all the surrounding peoples’ … His authority stretches over many cities, towns and villages. There is no King thereabouts who, in the possession of so many beautiful cities and towns, in his capital – Olfert Dapper, description of Africa, 1668.
18. According to the Guinness Book of Records (1974 edition) described the walls of Benin City and its surrounding kingdom as the world’s largest earthworks carried out prior to the mechanical era.
19. According to estimates by the New Scientists Fred pearce, Benin City’s walls were at one point “four times longer than the great wall of China, and consumed a hundred times more material than the Great Pyramid of Cheops”
20. Benin City is surrounded by massive walls dug by Oba Oguola in 13th century and Oba Ewuare I in the 15th century.
21. Great Wall of Benin extended for some 16,000km in all, in a mosaic of more than 500 interconnected settlement boundaries. They covered 6, 500sq km and were all dug by the Edo people.
22. The Great wall of Benin took an estimated 150million hours of digging to construct, and are perhaps the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet.

The Great Wall of Benin
23. Benin City is the first City to have a semblance of street lighting in the world.
24. The Portuguese were the people who called our land “Great City of Benin” because they were astonished with what they saw that the Edo people achieved centuries before any major cities in the world.
25. 1n 1691, the Portuguese ship captain Lourenco Pinto observed: “Great Benin, where the king resides, is larger than Lisbon; all the streets run straight and as far as the eyes can see.
26. The Binis are the best bronze casters (Igun – eronmwon) in the world.
27. Two kings were installed without a crown - Ogiso Igodo (40BC-16AD) and Oba Oranmiyan (Odolorre) 1170-1200AD.
28. Great Benin is known as the cradle of Black civilization and the centre of the world (Edorisiagbon).
29. The Binis were the first to use sophisticated weapons (guns) to fight a war (Idah war) in the present day Nigeria in about 501 years ago (August, 1516), the war was led by Oba Esigie mother (Queen Idia). Supported by some Portuguese mercenaries.
30. All Obas in Lagos (Eko) were buried in their ancestral home (Benin City) until late 19th century. To lend credence to that, Oba Osemwende in 1834 instructed Idewu Ojulari, the Oba of Lagos to zegbele (kill himself). The instruction was, expectedly, complied with. The Lagos Oba complied by taking poison.
Source: Institute For Benin Studies

Breaking News: Labour suspends strike

ABUJA—THE organised labour has suspended the ongoing strike with effect from today, Sunday.
National President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Ayuba Wabba announced this while briefing journalists at the Labour House Abuja.

Wabba said that the organised labour has gotten firm commitment from the government that the Tripartite Committee of the Minimum Wage Committee reconvenes on October 4.

Minimum wage: Labour may suspend strike today

There are strong indications that the Organised Labour may today (Sunday) suspend the ongoing nationwide strike over  new national minimum wage.

The strike had commenced  last Thursday after the expiration of a 14-day ultimatum to the Federal Government to announce its figure, reconvene the meeting  of the 30- man Technical Committee on  the issue and ensure the completion of  its work ahead of  the announcement of a new minimum wage for Nigerian workers.
the planned suspension of the strike, that has  paralyzed critical sectors of the  economy, including the down stream sector of the oil industry, where loading and distribution of petroleum  products have been stopped, and maritime services, is a fall out of  a  meeting between labour leaders and    top government officials that lasted  several hours on Friday.

According to a  source, chief among other reasons for the planned suspension of the strike is the reconvening of the meeting of the Tripartite Committee on the minimum wage  on Thursday which the  Organised Labour had claimed was adjourned sine die by government.

Labour leaders have been assured that the meeting will not only reconvene, the Federal Government is also expected to present its figure to the meeting on Thursday.

The refusal of the Federal  Government to present its figure to the committee, whereas other social partners had presented theirs, stalled  the conclusion of the assignment of the committee.

While the private sector employers, some state governments and  the Organised Labour have all made presentations on their figures for a new national minimum wage, the Federal Government, which ought to be the driving force as a result of labour issues being on the exclusive legislative list, is yet to present its figure for the committee to work with alongside other presentations to arrive at a new national minimum wage.

One of the labour leaders, who spoke to Sunday Vanguard in confidence, yesterday, however, warned that “if  government fails to present its figure, in the Thursday meeting expected to dovetail into Friday, the Organised Labour will have no  choice than to resume a more devastating nationwide strike next week.”

Meanwhile, the National Labour Congress (NLC) said, yesterday, that the strike could be suspended if the Federal Government yielded  to workers’ demand.

Speaking when the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu, paid a  visit to the Labour House in Abuja  to plead for the suspension of the strike, the National President of the NLC, Ayuba Wabba, said  government  could  facilitate immediate suspension of the strike by doing the needful.

According to Wabba,  after the meeting with the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari, at the State House on Thursday, the NLC  National Executive Council, NEC, met and communicated government’s position to all the labour organs.

But the General Secretary of  the Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions, NASU, an affiliate of the  NLC, Peters Adeyemi, told Sunday Vanguard  after the union’s National Executive Council, NEC, meeting in Abuja that there was no will  from  government to approve a new minimum wage.

Adeyemi, who is a member of the Minimum Wage Negotiation Committee, said it was appalling that the Federal Government that inaugurated the committee had not shown any sign of seriousness, adding that the committee members will only meet with the government team when there is a proposed figure from government.

“The National Executive Council of NASU is in alignment with the Organised  Labour on the on-going strike over the inability of the Federal Government to present its figure to the committee”, he said.

“I have never seen in the history of any nation where the President of a country will inaugurate a committee and after the inauguration ceremony, everybody goes to bed. That in itself is an indictment on the part of government. It shows clearly that this government is only paying lip service to workers welfare.

“We insist that the workers that create the wealth of the nation must benefit from those wealth. It cannot be  elected officers that eat billions and, when it gets to the workers, they are paid peanuts. Arithmetic calculation today shows that N18,000 minimum wage is less than $50. This is far worse than what it was in 2011 when the present minimum wage was negotiated”.

The NASU scribe said that the NEC w

PDP candidate in Osun Ademola Adeleke will do to APC who stole his victory

Watch Video below

He will meet them in court and will give it to them "gbagam" "gbagam

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APC Primaries: Buhari scores 472, 344 votes in Sokoto

The 2019 Presidential Aspirant, President Muhammadu Buhari has scored 472, 344 votes in the direct presidential primary election conducted by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 23 local government areas of Sokoto state.

Declaring the result on Saturday in Sokoto, the Chief Returning Officer, Sen. Aliyu Wamakko, said the exercise was hitch free and recorded massive turnout.

Wamakko, who is the former Sokoto state governor, commended party loyalists on the peaceful conduct of the exercise, saying that the results were delayed in view of distance and terrains to the collection centre.
At the collection centre, which is the state party headquarters, Wamakko was assisted by state party chairman, Alhaji Sadiq Achida, Elders Committee’s Chairman, Alhaji Maigari Dingyadi among others.

He listed the scores from LGAs, Sokoto South 36, 710, Wamakko 31, 941, Shagari 21, 920, Tureta 8, 779, Sokoto North 26, 787, Silame 13, 205, Raba 14, 705, Kebbe 15, 932, Bodinga 22, 188 and Isa 25, 010.

Others were Wurno 13, 243, Kware 17, 970, Binji 7, 478, Goronyo 20, 777, Yabo 11, 008, Tambuwal 23, 347, Tangaza 15, 079, Dange-Shuni 21, 024, Gwadabawa 26, 172, Illela 31, 692, Gada 27, 069, Sabon-Birni 31, 492 and Gudu 8,850.

A 21-Year-Old Woman Is the Youngest Person in the U.S. to Get a Face Transplant

Her story is incredible.

Katie Stubblefield lost her face at 18, when she attempted to take her own life, shooting herself in the face with a rifle. At 21, she received a transplant at the Cleveland Clinic, making her the youngest person in the U.S. to receive a face transplant. Her story, “The Story of a Face,” is the cover story of National Geographic’s September issue.
Before her full transplant, she went through 22 different surgeries to try and reconstruct her face. She underwent physical therapy but still needed help eating, because she didn’t have lips. Though she tried to live a normal life, people would stare and whisper to each other about her face.
Her transplant took place on May 4, 2017, more than three years after her injury. The procedure took 31 hours, and surgeons removed the face from a donor, Adrea Schneider, before moving parts of it to Stubblefield’s skull, effectively replacing her entire face. “I get a second chance at life now,” Stubblefield said before her surgery began. “This is like the beginning of another chapter.”
Adrea Schneider, who died of a drug overdose, was the donor for Stubblefield’s face transplant.

After the surgery was complete, Stubblefield had three major follow-up surgeries and extensive rehab treatment, and will have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of her life. Her parents are looking into eye transplants for her next, so her eyesight can be restored. The U.S. Department of Defense is partially funding her care so doctors can apply lessons from her transplant to help wounded soldiers.

The only person that can call himself a legend in the Nigerian music industry is 2face” – Timaya

Nigerian musician, Timaya has said only Innocent ‘2baba’ Idibia qualifies to call himself a legend among the active artistes in the music industry.
Timaya during a recent radio interview with SoundCity FM said: “In this part of the world, many artistes when they get to 10 years, they start shouting ‘I’m a legend’, ‘legendary’. To me, in this industry, the only person that can call himself a legend is 2face. The others shouldn’t. Even if people call me a legend, I don’t like to be seen like that.”

The dancehall star maintained that he is still the king of commercial music, saying, “the crown never leaves. I am Timaya anytime any day, 13 years is not three years. People don’t understand that making a hit song doesn’t mean you are a star. Stars always shine, some people can make a hit song and you will never hear of them again. There’s no year I’ve never dropped a hit song. I don’t want to be number one. I just want to be a musician. A lot of people have come and gone but I’m still here.”

Timaya also gave his take on the issue of marriage, saying he is not predisposed to an elaborate ceremony. He said: “I don’t really go for weddings like that. I like the private marriage. If I want to get married, I will not do a big gathering. One thing is to get married, the other thing is to stay married. Staying married is the hardest part. Do you know what it means for two people with different upbringings to come and start staying together? That’s not a joke.”